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In late-1999, Bonita Best launched Pizzazz Production with a purpose of providing quality events for women of all lifestyles. Pizzazz Production became her method to fulfill a social, networking gap for women of color and women “in the life”. The events started off as informal Meet & Greets in her home and later evolved to monthly networking events at venues that could accommodate her clientele.

Women traveled from far and near to participate in the monthly Pizzazz Production events. To meet the growing need to host quality events in other locations, Bonita launched a social group called Pizzazzy Ladies. With oversight and guidance from Pizzazz Production, members of the Pizzazzy Ladies were empowered to host similar social, networking activities in their respective towns beyond Orlando, Florida. Pizzazz Production started hosting events nationwide.

In the early 2000s, Pizzazz Productions was asked to procure corporate sponsorships for Chicago Black Pride in the early 2000s and a new wedding coordinator who hosted its first wedding and fashion showcase event in Oakland, CA. Later, Pizzazz Production launched a calendar of events which listed help fulfill the need to have a consolidate list of quality events for women of color and women “in the life”; this propelled Pizzazz Production to became a reliable source for event promoters to gain more exposure.

When event promoters needed talent, Pizzazz Production also helped bridged the gap between the promoter and entertainment talent.  This is where Pizzazz Production began building a portfolio of talent for outsourcing. Pizzazz Production managed a New Jersey-based R&B artist, New York-based actor and gender-illusionist, and a Maryland-based rock band.

Therefore, Pizzazz Production to expanded its serves to also include event promotions, sponsorship procurements, and talent management. and others procure corporate sponsors for their events. Pizzazz Production became a 1-stop shop for events and talent management services.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to work with us at Pizzazz Production, feel free to send an email to info@pizzazzproduction.com.

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